Tayvallich Shores Intimate Scottish Wedding

Dave & Giggy wrote a little something about their intimate Scotish wedding in Tayvallich which can be seen below.

"Giggy and Dave both come from a theatre background, Dave is technical (lighting) and Giggy does set and costume design.  They met whilst working on an event together, the job was a slightly bizarre nighttime event with runners in light suits running all over Arthurs Seat in Edinburgh as part of the 2012 Olympics art project.  Dave had been employed for his technical abilities and Giggy got the gig cause her mate knew she could carry stuff up a hill.

Following a few successful years and with gracious thanks to Take That and Adele (and their own parents!) they purchased a flat in the South Side of Glasgow. With this, of course, comes great responsibility so with careful planning and impeccable timing Dave managed to choose an almost entirely inappropriate day to persuade Giggy to once again climb Arthurs seat to ask the time honoured question of being granted her hand in marriage. Surprisingly, still breathless from their very quick slog to the top – she said yes!

Why we chose Tayvallich and why we chose a “simple” wedding:

Having both spent many years working to achieve other peoples’ creative dreams and understanding the value of money, art, design and craftsmanship, both Giggy and Dave decided that if they were to spend money on their special day it would be with care and consideration about the things they wanted, and in a style they would be comfortable with. So this meant out with the wedding planners, out with the corporate package deals and a focus on fun, artisan, relaxed and most of all passionate people. Dave had been lucky enough to have been paid to live and work in the tranquillity of Tayvallich for a six weeks many years ago, and when the idea of finding somewhere peaceful, beautiful and memorable to set a wedding had to be found he suggested the village to Giggy. Thankfully she agreed, and they hope everyone will find it to be the same. With a focus on local sourcing and skilled small producers, they decided they wanted to make their wedding reflect how they feel towards communities of skilled and capable people rather than being part of the industry machine.

They took on much of the work to create their day themselves and worked with a few chosen suppliers to keep their day bespoke and hopefully memorable for all the right reasons. With a focus on fun, family and just being together, they wanted a relaxed, warm and happy day free from pomp and ceremony to let their guests and themselves feel relaxed.

Dave is a simple human. He finds Giggy’s forthright attitude and honesty one of her most endearing features – as well as her “grin” - the one where her little fangs just begin to show! Much of their relationship has been based on the need for fun, a playful sense of antagonising each other, and good food and beer. Combining these elements have seen them through many little tribulations, with a near endless sense of fun and gentle teasing Dave has found the person he can truly trust to keep him smiling.

Giggy knew she had found a good un when Dave took her in after a failed, very stressful attempt to make it home to Edinburgh after a late night working in Stirling.  He fed her cheese toasties and beer and lent her boxers for work the next day.  Giggy loves him because he knows to bring her empire biscuits when she’s had a bad day and because in both work and life he is honest, passionate, talented and a genuinely good man.  He is a truly special Dave."

As always, have a look at the below slideshow and images from this epic day. If you would like me to photograph your big day, please feel free to contact me!

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