The bride and groom elegantly walk down the outdoor aisle at their breathtaking Yorkshire wedding.

Autumnal Outdoor Wedding In Yorkshire

Wow... Where to start!? This wedding had it all! The huge Hornington Manor, for a few days, so all the family could hang out for a few days together as well as an outdoor wedding ceremony in autumn in the Yorkshire countryside! Followed by a Barn wedding reception. Perfect!

They met at passing ships in the Army. As Stephen was leaving the regiment Jennie had just arrived. They met at work and got to know each other while Jennie was deployed in Kenya. One evening when they were driving back to Catterick after the weekend in Blackpool they stopped off at Tan Hill to watch the Sunset where Stephen got down on one knee and asked Jennie to marry him.

Now, I actually knew some info that not many did at this wedding and that was that this epic duo are expecting a new member of the family. It was utterly gorgeous how they told people. Firstly to dad as he walked into see Jennie all ready and said "How do we look" while pointing to a baby grow hanging up on a mirror... Secondly at the start of the wedding ceremony in front of all their loved ones the registrar stopped for a moment as Stephen made the announcement.

From the amazing weather and outdoor ceremony to the nonstop partying and celebration both outside on the lawn and inside on the dance floor this autumnal wedding was incredible and exactly what Jennie & Stephen had planned.

Have a look at the below images from this stunning autumn wedding and If you would like me to photograph your big day, Or your outdoor ceremony, or elsewhere, please feel free to contact me.


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