Black and white photo of a bride and groom at a Gretna Hall wedding, walking through the woods.

Boho Inspired Gretna Hall Wedding

In Gretna Green, at the historic Gretna Hall Hotel, Jack and Lauren celebrated their marriage in June 2023. This day marked not only the union of two individuals but also the gathering of their families and friends, culminating from a relationship that spans over 15 years. You may also recignise these two beauts, and Theo from their couple portrait session.

From Meeting to Marriage

Their relationship began through a mutual acquaintance who had met Jack during a holiday in France. Over the years, they have shared numerous experiences, including raising two children, caring for their cocker spaniel, Theo, and managing three properties, one of which they are renovating to be their long-term home.

Choosing Gretna Green for their wedding venue was a practical decision that catered to the convenience of both their families. The location serves as a middle point between Penrith and Barnsley, offering a comfortable and accessible setting for a small, intimate wedding.

The Wedding Day Details

The wedding day began at the Gretna Hall Hotel, where both Jack and Lauren prepared for the ceremony. The event was characterized by its laid-back atmosphere, with a rustic boho theme that reflected the couple's personalities—Jack's relaxed demeanor complemented by Lauren's more detail-oriented nature.

The ceremony and reception were both held at Gretna Hall hotel, with the ceremony in the historic Gretna Hall and the wedding breakfast and reception in the Hotel itself. Their children, Ezra and Isla, played significant roles in the ceremony, along with Theo, the cocker spaniel, adding a personal touch to the event.

Following the ceremony, the reception kicked off, transitioning smoothly from photographs to dining and speeches. The day concluded with evening entertainment that included a first dance and live music, encapsulating the celebratory spirit of the occasion.

A Celebration Beyond the Ceremony

Jack and Lauren's wedding at Gretna Hall was more than just an exchange of vows; it was a celebration of their life together and the future they envision. The choice of Gretna Green, with its historic charm and practical location, provided a fitting backdrop for their day.

The event highlighted the importance of family and friends, bringing together loved ones in a celebration that was both meaningful and memorable. As they move forward, renovating their forever home and building upon their life together, Jack and Lauren's wedding remains a significant milestone in their journey.

This Gretna Hall wedding stands as a testament to their relationship, characterized by mutual support, shared experiences, and the blending of families and friends in a day that celebrates new beginnings.

Check out the below slideshow and photos from this gorgeous day. If you're having a Gretna Wedding and fancy contacting me about your wedding photography then please do get in touch.


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