A bride and groom posing next to a Tithe Barn Wedding venue.

The Halston & Tithe Barn Wedding

Cassie & Jonny said their vows in front of friends and family at The Halston followed by their wedding reception at The Tithe Barn Carlisle. I love a Tithe Barn Wedding, It just has such a cool feel even though its right in the centre of town.

Well, what can I say about these guys? Cassie & Jonny first got in touch a few years ago and from that moment they have supported me through tough times and gave me the confidence to become a full-time wedding photographer.

They first met properly at a 90s night in The Brickyard, they started talking at the bar about how disappointed Cassie was that the DJ didn't have the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song (At a 90's night - how couldn't they!?).

They met briefly a few more times and then again in town maybe a year later (October 2015) this time they spoke much more and said they'd keep in touch, within a few days they'd organised a date, but one day before that they realised they both weren't busy so met up then instead, Jonny was working nights so at 9.30pm he had to go to work, but from that night they were pretty much inseparable. They just clicked, they had the same interests, the same morals and they liked to do the same stuff.

Jonny proposed at the very top of St Pauls Cathedral, overlooking the London Skyline, while on a long weekend in London. So much thought went into it. Cassie's favourite film is Mary Poppins, which St Pauls features in - Just one of the reasons she loves St Pauls. The other reason being that it is absolutely beautiful. On the nighttime Jonny had arranged for some friends in London to join them on the rooftop with champagne, watching the sunset over London.

What does Cassie love about Jonny? “I've never met somebody so ambitious and determined and supportive for starters, but beyond that he is thoughtful, he's caring and he's spontaneous. I love the way dances his way around the house (just wait until you witness his dance moves!) - it makes everything take longer but it makes me smile! I love the adventures they go on, whether its a weekend away, a random gig or even a walk with some geocaching. I also love that he's so sociable, he can literally get on with anybody.”

What does Jonny love about Cassie? “Cassie is the kindest most sociable person I've ever met she will give anything a try, so laid back and up for a laugh, she makes me so happy and feel like I could do anything with her by my side, as long as I have her nothing else matters.”

Have a look at the below slideshow (Thank you Frank Turner for personally giving permission to use your song) and images from this epic day. If you would like me to photograph your big day, please feel free to contact me!


Vendor Love!

Ceremony Venue: The Halston

Reception Venue: Tithe Barn Wedding

Dress: Carol's Bridal Boutique

Suits: Moss Bros

Flowers: Forrester Flowers

Hair: Jo Mark House Of Hair

Cake: Sprinkles & Sparkles Bespoke Baking

Catering: Stonehouse Smokery

Singer: Carl Hull

DJ: All-Star Disco

  1. Josh, these photos are absolutely fantastic! You manage to capture the true emotions and energy of the occasion without being intrusive. I love your unique style. It was a pleasure to work with you, keep up the great work!
    Best Regards, Simon
    Wedding DJ


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