Isle of Skye Post Wedding Portrait Session

Nick & LJ are two good friends of mine from back in the university days, in fact, Nick studied photography with me. Now, these guys have been inseparable for as long as I have known them, which is a good 7/8 years. One day I was joking to Nick that he should just hurry up and propose... a few months later he sent me a photo of a ring and he said he was going to propose! WOOHOO!

After a few jokes and talking to each other about weddings and the planning involved, they decided to join an upcoming 3-week tour of the USA with their wedding ceremony. With their parent's blessings, they travelled away to the states and said their vows in Vegas! It was at this point they asked if I could do some photographs after the wedding back in the UK for their announcement and just to get some nice portrait shots. It was at this point the idea of a Post Wedding Portrait Session was born.

I have always wanted to go back to Skye for a shoot after visiting a few years ago and it turns out that LJ's family clan from back in the day is from there. So that was that, and the plan was made! With only 2 days of rest from landing in the UK, I took them on a massive trip to Skye for an adventure of portraits.

The stats for this crazy adventure are 1,411 photos taken, 910 miles driven over 22 hours, 6 hours of sleep, 4 hours of shooting in the stunning landscape that is the Isle of Skye with 2 gorgeous friends in one beautiful country that is Scotland. All within 33 hours! It honestly was priceless and I loved every second!

P.S. Yes, the last few are not from Skye but Glencoe as.. how could we not take that shot while driving past?! :)

If you're eloping in another country and would like a Post Wedding Portrait Session then please do get in touch and let's go for an adventure!

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