Six Lockdown Postponements & The Wedding

We have all been affected by the National Lockdowns and I'm sure we all know happy couples who have had to postpone their wedding day but Sarah & Ian bless them changed their date 6 times! It has honestly been one heck of a roller coaster with these two beauts but I am so happy for them to finally have the wedding they wanted with all of their close friends and family there to celebrate together!

"Our original date was the 30th May 2020, and we spent 2 years prior planning the wedding of our dreams. We really didn’t expect coronavirus to be around for long, and even when the national lockdown was announced, we still expected to go ahead with our May 2020 wedding. But when we found out weddings were banned, we moved the date to 25th September 2020."

"I think reality set in when things weren’t getting any better, so we decided to postpone to 12th March 2021. Our September date passed and my brother told me he would be deployed with the army in February, and as I’m close to him I really wanted him there. So we managed to pull the wedding forward to 27th November 2020."

"Emotionally we were excited, but many restrictions were in place and only 15 guests were allowed to attend. We were looking forward to be married, as we kept telling ourselves the marriage certificate itself is most important, but what we envisioned wasn’t what we dreamt of."

"After all those emotions, suddenly another lockdown was declared and yet again we had to postpone. We managed to rebook for 12th March (again), and it was a bitter pill to swallow knowing my brother would miss it. But with cases expected to rise over Christmas we felt it was safer to book for March and my brother understood."

"Clearly we were wrong regarding coronavirus cases and just like many other couples we felt numb that we were in this position again, and we were unsure about rebooking at all. Nobody knew when weddings could resume. Nobody had a crystal ball, although that would of been so handy!"

"Our friends, family and suppliers were so supportive in every way, so with a bit of positivity sent our way, we rebooked for autumn 2021. On 17th September 2021 we managed to FINALLY tie the knot, with 38 day guests, 75 evening guests and no restrictions. We waited 16 months from our original date, and it was a long wait but it was absolutely worth it."

A huge special thanks go to Mama Cakes, Forrester flowers, The Hair Loft, Arabella Make-Up Studios, Glen Anderson Wedding Singer, Tom The Caricaturist & Jen from North Lakes Hotel.

Have a look at the below images from and If you would like me to photograph your big day, Or your outdoor ceremony, or elsewhere, please feel free to contact me.

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