A small bride and groom kissing under a tree in the Lake District.

Small Carlisle Wedding Ceremony with Lake District Reception

Well, these two are not only utterly gorgeous, but they have a crazy romantic story that starts way back in their school days together. Arianna told me their story, which you can read below, and if I'm honest, I can't add anything else to this amazing story, so ill just leave it down to Arianna!

"We met at Nelson Thomlinson School- we were in the same English/Maths/Science classes throughout school. We became close in the Summer of 2010 post GCSEs and went on tons of bike rides- there was a particular field we dumped the bikes in and lay down in for hours. Liam did most of the leg work with biking- he rode 7 miles to that field and I only had to do 1. Liam told himself that he would marry me back then... and although we were close throughout A-Level, but never boyfriend/girlfriend, and went our separate ways with university/college. The next time I met Liam was Christmas Eve of 2015- he popped into Lush where I was working to buy some presents. I hugged him- felt familiar."

"Fast forward a few years, I had a dream about Liam and felt the need to message him to ask how he was doing. Liam responded and suggested a catch-up over coffee. Coffees turned into adventures, he took me to an abandoned school- the legality of it was questionable!! But we both love abandoned places/castles etc. I didn’t want the evening to end, and I knew that perhaps old feelings were catching on."

"Ever since our relationship has been inseparable- we enjoy quiet walks in the Lakes with our Husky Luna. Away from people and besides the water is our favorite place to be."

"Liam proposed in June 2022, in the same field we spent all of our summers in over a decade ago. I was visiting my mum, and got in my car- there was a note in the visor “Go to where it all began xx” - I can remember driving to the fields, the drive took 3 minutes but felt like ages… I knew what was coming!! Sure enough, he was there waiting and got down on one knee with the most beautiful sunset in the background."

"Both of us didn’t want to wait long, so at the start of the summer holidays, I went dress shopping with my mum and sister, and the first one I tried on was the one! I called the registrars the same day to enquire about availability- the date 22nd October was available- called Liam and we took it! The venue of Lyzzick hall was just where they had availability on such short notice (I had a few family meals there with my Grannie in her latter years so that’s nice I suppose). We both just want a super chilled, family only, no fuss quiet wedding."

Have a look at the below images from this Small Carlisle Wedding Ceremony with Lake District Reception and If you would like me to photograph your small wedding day, Or your outdoor ceremony, or whatever you have planned, please feel free to contact me.


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