Low wood Bay wedding photograph in the rain

A Romantic Low Wood Bay Wedding In The Rain

The Lake District, It's stunning! It hosts some amazing venues like Low Wood Bay as well, that said it's also known to rain quite a lot! And my word, at some points on Lauren & Arron's wedding day it went from lake mist in the distance to torrential rain! As I always say though, this is The Lakes... only one thing for it really! Let's embrace it! These two certainly did!

Now, if you think you recognise these two beauts then you might do from their couple portrait session Low Wood Woodland Wander Which, if you've not already seen, go check it out after you've seen this blog.

As said before the Cumbrian weather was a huge part of this wedding day and as we (My second shooter Allan, and I) headed down to Low Wood Bay we could see the weather front moving down the valley. Thankfully while bridal and groom preps were happening and guests were arriving, the weather stayed on Windermere.

The ceremony itself was held in the stunning Low Wood Bay gallery filled with the happy couple's family and closest friends and this is where the weather started to turn. Thankfully the venue is huge and so while guests were entertaining themselves we headed off for some portraits around the venue. We also managed to find time and space for a cheeky drink or two away from the crowds for Lauren and Arron to just have a moment together and take in the marriage ceremony. We did, however, manage, to head out in the afternoon for some photos on the jetty before the light rain turned yet again so we ran inside and carried on with the day's schedule.

After the speeches and amazing food by Low Wood, we all chilled out as the wedding band set up for their amazing sets! After the first dance and a few songs in the rain really started to hammer it down and so I asked Lauren and Arron if they were up for some amazing portraits in the rain?! they said yes and dedicated right in to it! In my mind, the only way to get amazing shots is to be brave and just go with it! So this blog goes out to being brave and embracing your wedding day to the full, no matter what!

If you're thinking about having everyone around for a Low Wood Bay Wedding, and you're a little bit worried about The Lake District weather, there really isn't any need to be as this will show, Just embrace it! If you fancy contacting me about your Wedding then please do as I would love to document your day!


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