A couple participating in a handfasting ceremony standing on a rock in a river.

French Handfasting Wedding In the Lake District

David & Quitterie had their beautiful handfasting wedding in the lake district, Eskdale to be precise. Which they fell in love with while searching for a wedding venue in the UK. David had always said he loved the Lake District and so they came over to explore the surroundings on their motorbike. needless to say they fell in love with the breathtaking landscape I am lucky to call home.

The Woolpack Inn, is the venue of choice for the reception and accommodation for the 40 guests who travelled over to witness and bless the intimate handfasting wedding ceremony at the nearby church of Saint Catherine’s. To quote, “And then the woolpack… It was like home.  It was nice, cosy, simple, friendly, and that view... That was it.”

I think that sums up this stunning couple so well, they just know what they want, and, like most of us, they’re not afraid to ask for it nor to go out and get it. They didn't settle for the normal wedding or for a huge amount of tradition (if any). They just wanted to be married and surrounded by those closest to them. I for one, think that's a rather remarkable and admirable thing. I think we should all take a leaf from their book.

When love is right, you just know. They met at a Nick Mulvey concert almost a year ago and they just knew it was right, within months they moved in together and were planning their wedding. to quote again “We are not 20 anymore. We had a life before, we did things, met people, fell in love, had children, and all that. I think we both feel that THIS is real. And this deserves to last.”

I mean, just how amazing are these guys?! Anyway, have a look at the below images from this epic day. If you would like me to photograph your big day, please feel free to contact me!


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